Look! Books!

I read* so many books in college that it took years to want to actually read novels again. I was so thoroughly trained to fall asleep that I couldn’t make progress fast enough on these books to keep my interest. But I have finally gotten over the hump and am now trying to make up for lost time.

My reviews in this section will probably fall largely into one of the following three categories: Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Classic Fiction. I may dabble in some Modern Fiction and (maybe) even some Nonfiction. But I am definitely going to skew toward fiction because the real world gets enough attention in the news. So look for the category tags on the right to guide you to whatever themes suit your fancy.

I should also note that some of you may disagree with my decision to break Science Fiction and Fantasy up into two sections. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Sure, there are a fair number of stories that cross over that barrier, but the majority of books fall squarely into one bucket or the other. And that’s how they’ll stay. Blorg out!

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*Defined as reading the first 20 pages then falling asleep and attempting to absorb the information with my face. Too bad they don’t give you drool insurance for textbook damage.