Movies are great. Well, maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. It’s usually pretty easy to tell the good movies from the bad ones, but every once in a while a stinker sneaks by in fancy CGI-coated wrapping paper or faux-artistry. These movies can be pretty frustrating, especially when they win awards (see Birdman* by Alejandro Inarritu), but the real challenge in reviewing movies is discerning the truly great films from the masses of material.

Birdman: smugly putting the fartsy in artsy fartsy.

I am starting this venture in an attempt to learn more about films and critique them in a  more objective way. I’m coming in with my biases, and I intend to keep them! It’s the heyday of superheros and space travel movies, so back up Oscar bait, you can’t all be Star Wars. I’m like Roger Ebert, but with more hair and a resume made out of macaroni. So without further ado, go explore the Blorg! Blog’s movie reviews!

Blorgin’ about: Superheroes, Pixar, Oscar Nominees, Oscar Snubs, Science Fiction, the Classics, and More!

*Also known by its other title: “The Unexpected Self-Indulgent Golden Turd”

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