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This is not one of the merch options because it’s too ridiculous.

So now you’ve read some of my thoughts, and maybe you’re thinking: “The Blorg! blog is great, but how do I fully transform into a Blorgon?” Lucky for you, I’m here to provide you with some helpful resources to help you emulate the certified, FDA-approved Blorg! blog lifestyle. It’s clinically proven* to increase your likelihood of standing in line at movie premiers and dressing up as a superhero for Halloween.

These are some Blorgon-approved sources of information and merch:

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight: For when you think, “I like reading the news, but I wish it had more numbers in it.”

Nerdist: For when the “real” news is too real and all you want is to know how the next Star Wars movie is coming along. A super helpful guide to Marvel Comics, whether you’re a lifer, a newbie, or somewhere in between. Or when you just wish books had more pictures in them.

Blorg-approved gear at — for the Blorgon who is ready to look the part.


*No it’s not. Though side-effects may include weight gain, shortsightedness, and a gradual withdrawal from mainstream society.